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Onkyo stereo problem?

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  • Onkyo stereo problem?

    So I recently purchased a td-20 and now have it hooked up via a digital coax cable from the orange out of the 20 to the orange in on the onkyo receiver (its a 6.1 home theater system). I previously had this hooked up to digital cable, ps3 etc. The volume used to be on about 20-30 and be plenty loud to hear across the house.
    When I hook it up to the drum module, the master volume knob doesn't change a thing - the volume has to be adjusted on the receiver, and I have to crank it up to like 70 to get it to be audible and playable.
    Any suggestions, recommendations? V I know, get a dedicated vdrum monitor, right?

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    The SPDF out is designed to keep a constant output for recording. If you can live with cranking your amp, that's fine. If not "get a dedicated vdrum monitor." Heh.