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Need help in a decision [SPD-20 or SPD-S]

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  • Need help in a decision [SPD-20 or SPD-S]


    Im new here (and e-drums) and have some questions.

    Im looking into getting a spd-20 or a spd-s. I know the basic functions of both, but i still cant decide. Im looking for a pad that i can put on my acoustic kit, but also take it with me a play it in my home(live in an apartment) and hook up a kd-7 and a fd-8 and have a mini electronic kit. I dont know how much i want to sample but it might be cool to use at some point. Also, i am not sure how easy it is to upload sounds on the spd-s and not sure if i even want to mess with trying to upload stuff.

    Any input?

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    Uploading samples to the SPD-S is pretty simple. However, the sampling feature is the main difference of the 20 and the S. If you're not really interested in playing your own samples, I'd say go with the SPD-20. It has LOADS of drum and percussion sounds that are a great addition to your acoustic kit. The SPD-S doesn't come with nearly the amout of sounds on board. Plus the 20 has more trigger inputs so you could do more with your "mini drumset" idea.

    I actually use the SPD-S but I use A LOT of samples. In your case, my vote is for the 20.


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      I have a KD-8 attached to my SPD-S and I am sure I could attach another pad as well. I found a set of samples from a TD-20 that I currently have on my SPD-S for when I am just playing upstairs on my SPD-S..

      You want a library of prebuilt sounds go with the SPD_20, if you want more flexibilty.. go with the SPD-S
      Current E-Rig:Roland TD-20K /w Roland CY-8, Roland KD-8 & Roland SPD-S
      AMP: Mackie SRM450 V2

      Current Acoustic Rig:5 piece Pearl Export Series, a bunch of Sabian Cymbals.


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        thanks for the input.

        I know the spd-20 comes with 700 sounds, but how much can the spd-s hold?


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          I'm getting gas...must not buy spd-s must not buy....
          TD9+6v with Diamond Electronic pads, and cowbell.
          ATH-50m headphones, VEX packs
          not to mention keyboards, guitars, basses, and cats


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            Originally posted by rhombus
            thanks for the input.

            I know the spd-20 comes with 700 sounds, but how much can the spd-s hold?
            399 in internal memory, ANother 500 is you add a CF card. So you can have a total of 899.

            But how many sounds it holds is a meaningless distinction since you get to pick and choose the sounds. Who cares if a unit can play 100 varieties of Bolivian Rain Sticks when all you want is a good Cow Bell. Or a silly fart sound.


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              can you even upload any additional sounds into the spd-20?


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                Hi Rhombus,

                I have both of these units - details below:

                I got the SPD-20 to enhance my TD-6V kit and to use as a stand along portable kit (with KD-7 and FD-8) and it is very good for these functions.
                - the inbuilt sounds are generally very good and with 8 pads and 2 layers
                - you can set up some excellent blended sounds using various dynamic profiles
                - you can set up the 8 pads as an octave of tuned percussion in whichever key you like and can also use the FD-8 as a pitch bend up or down
                - when I replaced my 6V kit with a TD-20 kit I kept the SPD-20 and it now does all the above functions plus uses MIDI to become 4 high pitched tom and cymbal triggers to match whichever kit I have set on the TD-20
                - the sensitivity on the triggers is good, but not quite as good as something like a PD-8 pad
                - it has 4 dual trigger inputs
                - you cannot load additional sounds into an SPD-20

                I also got an SPD-S mainly for it's sampling function
                - but also to add another octave to the SPD-20 (using them side by side)
                - and to provide a balance of triggers when using the SDP-20 on one side of the kit and the SPD-S on the other side
                - the trigger sensitivity on the SPD-S is nowhere near as good as on the SPD-20 and the pads are slightly smaller meaning you need to be more accurate with your sticks
                - the SPD-S also works ok as a standalone kit but it only has 2 dual trigger inputs (e.g. for HH and KD) but is not as good as the SPD-20 for this usage

                So which is best?

                I think the SPD-20 is better unless you specifically want sampling.

                I think having both is the best option.......


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                  Thanks to all for this invaluable information.