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Trigger problems with CY-6 cymbals and TD-8

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  • Trigger problems with CY-6 cymbals and TD-8

    I did a factory reset on my TD-8 after doing a bulk dump to save my kits. Now my 2 CY-6 cymbals are acting up.

    I went into the trigger setup and the factory reset did change the setting back to some other trigger type so I changed the 2 cymbal settings to PD-9 like my cymbal docs recommend. The CY-6 is a dual trigger cymbal, bow and edge. Now I can barely get an edge hit without the bow sounding. The trigger slot uses the same settings for both the edge and the bow so I fiddled with the sensitivity and threshhold but if I set the threshold too high I can't get a swell roll off of the bow and if I set the sensitivity too high then a tap produces a full-on hit.

    Help? I wish I knew what the setting was before I did the factory reset.

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    Although the CY-6 manual (early 2001) recommends the PD9 setting on a TD-8, that was before firmware update Version 1.10 for the TD-8 was released (late 2001). If your module has been updated to 1.10 then you should use trigger type "CY1" for a CY-6.

    If you don't have the CY1 type, you can check your TD-8 ROM version with a few steps;
    1. Power on while holding the F1, F2, and F3 buttons until "Welcome TO TD-8" shows in the display.
    2. Release the "F" buttons, and then press CLICK, followed by RIM.

    If you need the 1.10 update, you can download it from Roland US; TD-8 System Update Version 1.10

    Full details of the update changes are in the TD-8 Addendum (TD-8_AD.pdf), and that document recommends the CY1 type for a CY-6, but apart from new trigger types the other main benefit is the ability to preserve click settings through power off/on.



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      Thanks BarT, I'll install the update and see if that helps.


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        Five years ago I posted CY-6 settings for a TD-8 which worked quite well for me: Trigger settings for CY-6s on a TD-8

        I believe I later increased Scan Time (to 3.0?) to improve the edge response after reading this post; You can raise scan time,



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          Joo da mang!