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Yamaha dtxtreme non rubber style questions

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  • Yamaha dtxtreme non rubber style questions

    Has anybody ever used the older kit that came with the original dtxtreme module? It looks like a conversion kit with shells that are halves but with normal drum heads on them which looks like you could put mesh heads on. I've just noticed they sell for a lot less than the roland kits on eBay and was wondering if they are any good. I realize the module is out dated and such but the over all kit looks good.

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    I checked the first DTXtreme during an exhibition (Musikmesse). It was a nice system - good sounding. Positional sensing on snare was very good. The hihat was not that good and the cymbal pads werent nice. They had some patent trouble with Roland (as far as I know) so they went on to rubber pads. The heads are not mesh - so you have more noise in the house...
    CU, Stephan
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      I use a couple of RHP80's with an older DTX 2.0 module. They sound great and I have them set up with the Roland mesh heads. These where nice drums to play and aesthetically pleasing also.
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        They really look good. Are they single trigger or dual? The toms and snare that is. It looks like you could get them quite a bit cheaper than the equivalent Roland product.