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td7 and hart dynamics pro snare

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  • td7 and hart dynamics pro snare

    While I am waiting for my td 20 (dealer having to order it from roland canada should take 2 to 4 week) I wanted to teste my new hart dynamics pro snare with my old td 7 ..but I have notice something ....when I am playing fast the module seem to not sound all hit ....is it normal with this old module ? same thing when I am doing fast consecutive flam only one of the 2 hit sound is it the mix of mesh head and old sound module ? anyone have try this setup

    ps very nice forum , a lot of good thread

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    Try reducing the Mask Time setting to 0 at EDIT, PATCH, TRIG.



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      I have try that and chaging the threshold to , I guess I will have to wait for the td20 to see if its the trigger or the old td7 that make this


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        The TD7 cannot cope with the complexities of mesh head pad trigger signals - it pre-dates mesh head pads and was designed for the rubber-pad PD5 and PD7 models.