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Does Digi OSX it?

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  • Does Digi OSX it?

    Hey guys. I just bought a Digi 001. It's in the mail getting here. So I hear about the software (ProTools) doesn't work with a Mac OS-X system. Is this true? No, it can't be, can it?!

    If so, I'm going to call Digidesign and try to find out if they're creating a patch. I'm sure that some of you Pro Tools users will want to know.

    - Andy
    The best damn kid in the record industry. Maybe.

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    This isn't good.

    I know the new Mac I ordered comes with both versions of the OS, OS9 and OSX. So I guess I'll have to uninstall OSX and put OS9 on it. Damn. Mac's new masterpiece and I have to degrade to the lower level of scum. Sigh.

    No, I know that any recent version of Mac's OS is good. So I'm cool with it. I just wish companies would stop pushing the PC so much. I'm not bashing it or anything, because I've been a PC user for a long time. It's just that the industry is moving towards Mac, especially for applications like these. I don't want it to take too long for digidesign to build an OSX version of ProTools.

    I did some reading up on the differences between the two versions, ProTools and ProTools LE. Very small differences. And the things that LE lacks are features that many project studios don't even need. Like being able to time music to a video by viewing it in a window on screen. I mean, there's other ways of doing that. The list goes on. So to anyone who doesn't know what version, that might help you out a little. But anyway.

    Thanks for your help bro.
    The best damn kid in the record industry. Maybe.


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      Ah, good idea. The whole two sections using two different OS's. the only problem I could see is a total war between the ways of the two operating systems.

      Either way, I'm a PC fan. And I think pc's are awesome for everything, except heavy duty applications. some will disagree. but the way i see it, they are both powerful machines. they will both get to the same place. one system will lack will another one will prevail, and vice-versa. And the ProTools sofatware being designed for either system...brilliant. I hate it when you have to get the right build, model, os, requirement, etc. instead, one disk. too bad ill have to drop to an older os.

      I checked out the upgrades on the mac site. there wasnt much more that i would have any advantages for. so im cool with os9.

      hey cjude, what's CAD and what's OMF? just curious. is it protools LE that is the free version? I thought the free version was Protools L'erE (lighter edition).

      As for the track limitation...thats the kick in the ass there. but 24 tracks -- good for me. 10 for drums, 1 bass, 3 guitars, 3 vocals, 1 keys, 1 room mic. or whatever the setup is. And if i absolutely needed a few more tracks, i can bounce (why dont they just say "save?!") it as a stereo file, import it into a new session, and add the tracks to it. So i'm not totally limited.

      for my application, this is going to blow my mind.
      The best damn kid in the record industry. Maybe.


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        I've been using multiple partitions for some time and never had a problem with them. Actually I'm running 4 different partitions each one with W98SE, one for internet & web design, and the other three each one for Logic, Cubase and Sonar. In these three I only install the minimum and try to maintain the registry clean.

        I use System Commander as boot manager. In these partitions I only install programs and all data goes to another drive which is always accesible no matter which OS I'm running.

        Macs are (or were depending on your side ) the reference in music and graphics field and PC is the newcomer. So I don't understand the logic of switching to something that was already the standard. I think is the other way around. PCs have a huge market share so it makes sense that companies would want to get hold of it.
        Well, except for Apple and Logic... but that's another story.



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          As far as drive partitioning, jeeze.

          That's a lot of work. I think I'm just going to stick to a dual hard drive system. The Mac I ordered comes with 2 80 gig drives. And I'm really big on backing up everything.
          Every single take is going to be copied on Zip 250, so as far as having to worry about crashes, it wont be that big of a problem.

          Here's what made my day. 32 tracks?! Hell yeah. This is great. I hope that's already been established and produced, and not just a plan of the future. I mean, that's 8 more tracks! Awesome.
          The best damn kid in the record industry. Maybe.


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            You could check out the user forum at
            Discover revolutionary solutions for creating, editing, and distributing digital media.

            OSX support fot protools Le is strongly rumoured for August/September this year.
            Sore point on that forum at the minute.
            I'm waiting too for an Mbox to be OSX compatible with my ibook.
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              Well, it's official. As far as the 32 tracks, it is true. But not just yet. Current'y, they're developing an upgrade for the ProTools LE users. It will probably be released with the same upgrade as the OSX compatibility. No release date has been set just yet, and it's all still in the making. And yes, digidesign themselves said this. So it's official.

              Here's my plan. I don't see any kinks here, do you? Mac G4, dual-1GHz processors, 512 RAM, 2-80 gig drives.

              When the up grade is released, I'll be getting it, free? I heard somewhere that you can't upgrade without certain upgrades already!
              The best damn kid in the record industry. Maybe.


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                Well, the deed's been done a week ago. I don't think I'l be able to toss you a beer anytime soon. Yes, it will work great for my applications. The drawback is that I could've gotten a lot more for my money by going with a PC. But still, its perfect for what I'm doing.

                Now you mentioned something about noise. I was expecting a little fan hum that we all recognize. What's a good way to quiet that down? Can I install it in an acoustically modified box or something?
                The best damn kid in the record industry. Maybe.


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                  Take a look at this picture:

                  http://briefcase.yahoo.com/bc/gagstu...wp?.dir=/Yahoo!+Photo+Album&.dnm=open+(doors+will+be+gone).jpg&. src=bc&.view=l&.done=http%3a//briefcase.yahoo.com/bc/gagstudios/lst%3f%26.dir=/Yahoo!%2bPhoto%2bAlbum%26.src=bc%26.view=l

                  I took these pictures a while back of the room. It will, with quite a few changes, will be the location of the studio.

                  Now on the inside and on the left side of that closet are shelves. One is just the right height where the CPU is going to be sitting. I guess that makes it somewhat remote from the rest. The room outside of the closet is the recording area. (The room actually is a good sized place!)

                  The 1 ft. wall to the left of the closet doors will block out a lot of direct CPU noise. I was thinking about hanging a blanket around the CPU from the ceiling. That should block out at least half the noise.

                  Yeah, thanks dude for the suggestions!
                  The best damn kid in the record industry. Maybe.