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TMC-6 and Synth Modules

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  • TMC-6 and Synth Modules

    Hi folks. Has anyone had any experience hooking up a TMC-6 or other trigger-to-MIDI converter to a non-percussion sound module. Something like a JV-1010, or something like that? I'm trying to trigger melodic/non-percussive tones from pads, but since the MIDI messages are so short coming from the converter, my concern is that everything will gate and I'll get no sustain out of anything. I don't want to go through the hassle of setting up a sustain pedal--but while I'm on the subject, is there a way I could do that through the same converter or through the module?--but if I could program different decay times from the module, that would be good.

    When triggering these types of non-drummish tones, is there a preferred pad type(piezo/FSR)?

    I've heard of people using DrumKATs in these types of setups, and being able to increase sustain of anote by pressing down on the pad with one stick while striking the same pad with the other stick(or something like that). Does anyone know anything about this?

    Speaking of the DrumKAT, are thosepads FSRs or piezos?

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


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    The drumKAT is FSR.

    It is the module you trigger the pad with that decides what action
    you will get.

    The Ddrum4 cast pads use a piezo and got pressure sensitivity
    , same as the drumKAT(only not as stable as the KAT)

    Any normal module (synth) got ADSR where you just set the release time to what you need.

    To get different values while playing would be possible if the module can assign a control messages to for example the release parameter. Then of course the trigger interface must be able to send it! (if it got a useful function like pressure sensitivity,positional sensing,pedal....)

    The drumKAT is great since you can set the time between the Note On message to the Note OFF and by that control the duration of the note.Or it can use pressure,breath control,foot control... to control anything!

    // Daniel
    Check my VSTi project! http://hem.bredband.net/b125831