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Upgrade the TD-9

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  • Upgrade the TD-9

    I have been using the TD9 for a while and even with the Vexpressions patches it sounds bad. Are there any old modules that are cheaper than the TD20 that will sound better with the kit?

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    What do you mean "sounds bad"? It sounds like there may be a different issue here. I own a TD-20 and still think the TD-9 sounds great. Are your pads and setup configured correctly?
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      To wit, following p 61 of the manual, to make sure the triggers are set up for the td s (or k) versus the SX (or KX)...and any other additional cymbals are set to the proper trigger....
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        Bet you have the same trouble i did. Reset all the pads correctly and it comes alive. http://vdrums.com/forum/showthread.php?t=42622
        Lee "Shaggy" Shand


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          My apologies I only meant that relative to AD the drums don't sound great. This is no reflection on the VEX kits which I think have done wonders with the samples in the TD9. Where acoustic kit obviously sounds the best and the next step down is drum sampling software (or $2000 hardware), bad referring to the VEX kits is relative and is a reflection on the TD-9 samples which I personally think are poor (hence the fact that only one set of hats is deemed good enough for the VEX kits)