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How to...Analyze performance on TD-6 through Midi/Edirol interface and ...?

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  • How to...Analyze performance on TD-6 through Midi/Edirol interface and ...?

    Hello Everyone,

    This is the thing I would like to do, it's to build kind of rythm coach using a pc and a midi interface.So by captering all the strokes on the snare of the TD6and than to analyse it on speed, accuracy,...
    Has anyone experience with it? Could some kind of midi recorder be used to do this?

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    I use cubase and a drum computer (some vst drums came with cubase LE)
    I create a groove which runs for some time and then i play along to it on a second midi track or an audio track and with midi you can actually see how accurate you are.


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      Good idea.
      But have to get cubase and learn it..., anyhow probably it will be cheaper than buying a Roland Rythm Coach


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        never tried this one but it's free:

        It says it supports VSTs

        just tried, it crashed quite a few time and i couldn't install a VST. :-(
        Last edited by Roger Wilco; 09-03-08, 06:45 AM.


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          Did you use the windows version (which is the first windows version....) or the Linux one?


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            windows. 0.4 beta

            only played with it for 20 min though.


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              I played a bit with LMMS also, it didn't crash that much (only when changing from 4/4 timing to 8/4 and when closing the program).
              For VST support, they are still working on it and it will be available one of the coming weeks
              Now I'm trying to find out how to map my drum to different sounds and how to record...