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Tuning TD-20 pitches

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  • Tuning TD-20 pitches

    If I have my kick at 90hz and my snare at 180hz, what freqs should my 4 toms be set to please ?

    Thanks !!

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    Hi blickemblickem,

    It depends what you are playing.

    Orchestral pitch is based around A440, so if you tune one tom to A440 and the rest to a scale you will be in pitch.

    The "traditional" way to tune acoustic toms was to the tune "In the Mood" - I still tend to go for that scale out of habit for most tunings.

    Bear in mind though that when you tune toms to a specific pitch you will be out of key for certain songs that you play, so you might need multiple versions of the kit set up for when (if....) the band changes key.


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      That's a slightly flat F#. If anybody in the audience has perfect pitch, you will drive them crazy. If your root is 87.31 Hz, you can base your tunings on any scale that contains F. A lot of people who tune to pitch will use 4ths.


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        so what pitch(s) do drummers (who tune) typically tune their kick to ?


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          There is no typical. The only trick is to make all the pitches work well together. So if you decide to tune your kick to F or E, use pleasing 3rds, 4ths or 5ths for the other drums.

          If you like your kick where it is now, just bump it to an actual F or F# and go relative.