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  • all messed up

    As some might be wondering, I've already asked questions similar to this, but I simply can't make up my mind!
    Got quotes for a td-20s and a td-12s... 4.7k and 2.7k respectively.
    My dilema is that, the td-12 will let me have 11 triggers that I would set up as hats, ride, 3 crash/effects, 3 toms and a floor. the td-20 will let me have 15 triggers that I would set up as hats, ride, 5 crash/effects 3 toms, 2 floors. The td-20 also has more direct outs, which is great for recording and live. it also has a footswitch in for use with an fs-6 (that's what I'd get if I get one).
    when the td-12 has 171,161 sound variations, the td-20 has over 1.3 million. thanks to cosm!
    the td-20 also comes with bigger pads, which gives the kit a more realistic feeling while playing, at least for me.
    the td-20 has moe multi-effects, more cosm possibilities.

    I don't dislike the td-12 at all, I really like the way the module looks and everything but i think the pads look like fisher price toys (kd-85 and pd-85's)...

    I really don't know what to think, it's a lot of money and I want to make the best choice and get the best for what I'm gonna pay - pro rata.

    ...more triggers, more cosm, more direct outs, footswitch input, CF capability, expansion board slot but in your opinion, which would be the best choice? is the upgrade from 12 to 20 worth 2k?

    thanks a lot,

    - Confused Gost

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    From my own experience: I bought a TD6v starting out. It was good, but I eventually wanted more features. I got a used TD12 and that was a huge difference. From that point, I started upgrading all the rubber pads to PD-120s and eventually replaced the cheap rack with a Gibraltar. Going further, I wanted more outputs to send to the sound desk, so I bought a used TD20. Looking back, it would have been cheaper to just buy the TD20 kit. If you can, play each kit. Cost notwithstanding, I think you might choose the TD20 kit because of the mesh pads and more drum-like appearance.
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      I suppose this isnt the time to tell you the obvious, GAS, answer: get both!

      Seriously, from the way you wrote your post, you really want the 20 - but can you afford it? We of course dont have any idea of your finances (and remember, 2k is a lot if you earn 5 dollars an hour, not as much if you earn 200/h) - can you afford it - what are the other uses you would put the extra 2k to? if all that money is discretionary funds, then why not? if it is food away from you and your family, maybe not.

      It has been said here in other threads that the main difference in sound between 12 and 20 is reverb, otherwise, esp through the vdrum that unlocks hidden cosm paremeteres, there really isnt much difference in sound...and again, why do you need a million sound possibilities: if you played one tenth of the 12's 170000 possibilities (17000) for 10 minutes, thats almost 300 hours of drumming....

      I know I've argued both sides of the question, which is why i bought a 9 and started saving for the 30!

      edit: i have a pd 85 for a snare...it is undoubtly small, sometimes annoyingly so...I dont think it looks like a toy, but would prefer a bigger surface...that said, having rubber pd 8s as my toms doesnt bother me either aesthetically or playingly (to coin a word)...but eventually I am getting a pd 105 for a snare....
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        You don't have to stick with all Roland stuff, or even all new stuff for that matter. The module is the centerpiece to the whole kit. As with anything , as you go up in price you start running into the law of diminishing returns.....I opted to get a TD-12, I just couldn't cost justify spending any more $$$, I don't think I'll ever want/need even more inputs. Like everything else, it's a personal decision, and a question of want more than need.

        I started with a TD-3, but gradually replaced it all. Even doing it this way I spent less than I would have getting all Roland equivalent gear. Just giving you something to think about before you spend a LOT of $$$$.

        Good luck, what ever you get you will really like.

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          I suppose this isnt the time to tell you the obvious, GAS, answer: get both!
          that's actually what my brother said hehe... get two td-12's

          as for my financial situation, I'm 17 (18 this winter) and I work full time and still go to school on evenings. I can afford it, but I was talking in terms of pro rata.
          With 2k, I could spend it on gas... LOL
          it's the sad truth.
          btw, I earn 9.50/h...
          Also, the sooner the drum is paid off (getting some sort of a "loan"), the sooner I can start saving up for a nice (and new) acoustic kit as the one I'm playing is 9 years old and is out of date.

          Picksorsticks, I love roland pads and cymbals. I don't like the look of the harts and pintech cymbals, and I prefer the roland pads over every other brand. I do like the dtxtreme 3 pads and cymbals but they're not compatible. The only compromise I would do would be kit toys.

          thanks for your thoughts


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            How about buy the TD20 Module and DIY your current acoustic Kit? That might save you some pennies - you can still put the Roland cymbals on the acoustic kit (or even diy your current cymbals into E).

            Maybe though you could buy the td20 and then realise that you don't want to play acoustic so much anymore (it sounds that good) then you still have your current acoustic for acoustic playing?



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              I'd like to keep my acoustic kit so I still have the options of A's and E's, and it's also the first kit I owned and the kit on which I learned everything I know up to this day.