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  • New Drummer around

    Hey guys,
    So I am looking for a set up in my budget. My budget is really... really small. Talking less than $500. I am a poor college kid who cant play guitar anymore with my friends (shattered my middle finger, had surgery and can no longer bend it). Pretty much all of my friends jam out with out me and they dont have a drummer, and since I had a small crappy set when I was little, I am deciding to pick it up again. I am not going to be recording, but want something that sounds realistic. I will upgrade, or buy another set when I am actually decent enough to maybe preform with my friends at the local college bars (its been a dream to play in front of an audience, especially a drunk one). So I need suggestions on what yall think I should do. Sorry for the long post.

    Spark notes- I have 500$ and need a set : )

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    $500 = reasonable used acoustic kit, or poor used electronic kit. Either will be good for learning, but if you have mates and are gonna start gigging at some point, the A-kit is probably the better purchase.
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      $500 isn't much to work with when it comes to quality electronic percussion. Unless you're able to find a complete steal off eBay or Craigslist, just about any kit you get in that price range is probably going to be more of a toy than a musical instrument. And remember, if you're planning to play along with friends, you'll need to buy some kind of amplification to go with the kit as well.

      I'd suggest saving your money until you have a bigger budget that might get you into a used Roland TD-3 or so. Otherwise, I'd agree with TheCoda's suggestion that you track down a cheaper, used acoustic kit. I see used kits with a few low-budget cymbals all the time on Craigslist for $500 and under.

      Best of luck.
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        Ok, well is there a way to "quiet down" an acoustic set, i live in an appartment.


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          Where are you located?
          I can sell you mine for 400$.
          I am in NYC.


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            Originally posted by Fratitude
            Ok, well is there a way to "quiet down" an acoustic set, i live in an appartment.
            I'll let others chime in here but add that my initial journey in drumming over 15 years ago ended with a knock on the door from the police with muffled acoustic drums at an apartment. Unless somethings changed since then, I can't see that being feasible.

            I just started, again, with a new set of vdrums, and have been really pleased. I will say what others have said though - and that's your probably better off waiting and saving up a little money and get a TD-3 or similar kit as a starting point. Good luck with your decision...
            "...regardless of what you play, the biggest thing is keeping the feel going ..." - Wes Montgomery


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              I am reviving a this post from the dead. Pretty much I got too caught up in school, and was having no fun. So now I am back and looking for a kit, praying I can find a cheap one. I just need one to get back into the groove of things. Looking for some new .02$ from people on advice.


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                Keep an eye on Greedbay With the TD-4's hitting the market, you have a chance of finding a used TD-3 near 5 bills. Really about as good as you're going to be able to do.