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How to Transfer VEXpressions to TD-12, Which MIDI Interface?

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  • How to Transfer VEXpressions to TD-12, Which MIDI Interface?

    what should i get to be able to transfer vexpressions from my laptop to my td-12?

    Would an edirol UA-4FX be what I need? Something cheaper maybe? What are my options? Thanks!

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    MIDI to USB

    I use an Edirol UM-1EX. Much cheaper than the UM-4FX.
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      I use an m-audio UNO USB-to-MIDI and it works flawlessly. The VEX boys no longer recommend this unit so the prior suggestion would be where I would go if buying today.
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        I also use a Edirol UM-1ex for transferring kits from my TD12 to my computer. I've not had any problems with it.
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          We highly recommend the UM-1EX. I have yet to hear anyone have an issue with it. The Uno has had great success in the past until recent drivers and/or Windows updates.

          PM/Email Ben at Kraft Music. Tell him V Expressions sent you. He's stocking them and will give you a great deal.

          Hope that helps!
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