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transferring midi files from cubase to td12

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  • transferring midi files from cubase to td12

    Hi, just got a td 12 and am trying to figure out how to transfer some backing sequences ive got on cubase sx into the td12.

    Im going from the pc via a tascam us112 to the td12, have set the cubase tracks to the appropriate channels - eg bass to channel 2 etc, and when i play the cubase track i can get the exact stuff im after coming out of the td12.

    However i cant seem to figure out how to get the two in sync to record with the click on the td12 or to even to record what im hearing.

    The manual seems pretty sparse - so any help would be appreciated ? Thanks,

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    You need to select a new user pattern so that you can record to that. But I don't understand which "two" need to be in sync or why you need the TD-12 click at this stage if you're recording a MIDI sequence into the TD-12.



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      Thanks for response Bruce - i have created a new pattern, and the two im trying to get in sync are the pc/cubase with the click from the td12, so that when i play the sequence back in the td 12 i can have the click going in headphones and play to the click timing and the pattern will be in sync.

      i expected to be able t set the sync on the td12 to external and press record , then when i pressed play on the pc/cubase the td12 would beging recording - but can get the td 12 into record mode (ie light will not come on) when sync is set to midi !

      Suspect im just doing something dumb


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        sorted it - needed to have the sync mode on auto rather than external !