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Backing up my TD-8K songs.

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  • Backing up my TD-8K songs.

    Hi guys i have several songs that i use in my Police Tribute band programmed into my TD-8 and god forbid that the unit should fail as our set would be decimated.

    So how do i save these songs so that i could re-load them back into another TD8 or even a 12 or 20?
    What software and hardware would i require and can i reload them in without screwing up all the other songs in a new unit?
    All help would be appreciated.

    Cheers Robbie

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    It's possible to backup a TD-8 to a PC via MIDI using only free software like MIDI-OX: Help needed to backup TD8 Please

    Instead of selecting ALL for the bulk dump at SETUP, MIDI (F2), BULK (F3), you could select only USR PTNS&SONGS.

    A bulk dump from a TD-8 though would be in a format specific to a TD-8, so it could only be loaded back into a TD-8 (by transmitting the SYStem EXclusive .syx file).

    To save songs in a format which could be loaded back to a TD-12/20, you would need to play each song and record into a MIDI sequencer (like the free Anvil Studio). The saved .mid files could then be played back one at a time and recorded into new patterns on a different module. But there's no way to backup a bunch of songs together for use on a different module type.

    For any PC backup option you need a Soundcard interface and MIDI cable(s) or USB Midi Interface.

    Trying to find non-computer hardware for a reasonable price which will record MIDI data like a bulk dump backup or songs/patterns can be quite difficult: external midi recorder?

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