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TD3 or TD6 just for cymbals

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  • TD3 or TD6 just for cymbals

    I have a ddrum4 module that I use for my drum sounds and I would like to add a Roland module for cymbal sounds as I have roland cymbals (and you can no longer get ddrum stuff). I have a CY12RC, CY12H, 2 x CY8 and a CY5. I was just going to get a TD-3 as I've heard some demos on youtube and it sounds fine. Would there be any benefits for getting a TD-6?
    I would be mainly using it for practice and recording (although I would be probably using the sounds of BFD for recording).

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    Hi and welcome. I use a combination of a ddrum 4se module and a Roland TMC6 to trigger Superior 2.0. Works great, but of course the TMC6 doesn't have any onboard sounds. I think that the TD6 will have a larger variety of sounds, but the TD3 should work fine. I really couldn't tell you if one has better sounds than the other.

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      The TD-3 uses a subset of TD-20 sounds whereas the TD-6V uses the TD-10 sounds. Ostensibly, the TD-3 sounds better, but of course that is in the ear of the listener. I have both a TD-3 and a TD-6V and decided to put aside the TD-3 and use the TD-6V as my expansion module simply because it has a much greater variety of sounds and sounded just fine to me.
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        A TD-3 has 22 cymbal sounds with no pitch/decay adjustment; and no ride bow sound without a velocity switched bell.

        A TD-6 has 119 cymbals sounds with pitch/decay adjustments; and choices for separate or velocity switched ride bow/bell.