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Question: FD-7 vs. FD-8

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  • Question: FD-7 vs. FD-8

    I have a TD-6V with FD-8. I have done some searching and have applied a foam 'foot' to the sensor inside(just like the pictures) and applied some silcone lube to the top of the rubber 'hammer'.

    I haven't noticed a marked difference, but I will keep fiddling.

    My question is why do some on this forum say that the fix is to get a FD-7? What makes the FD-7 so much better than the FD-8? Will I notice a big change on my TD-6V?
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    I want to know the same thing. I just got an FD-7 I need to restore and it already feels more solid than the FD-8. I haven't tried it out yet, but I will soon.


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      Depends what your definition of "big" is! You might notice very little difference: FD6, FD7, FD8 Differences



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        I had both and fixed a fd8 to work rather well but just didn't do the job like the fd7. The fd7 is built better IMO, triggers better and never gives me any problems. They also go for a cheaper price! Dump the fd8 for a fd7 and have no more worries.
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          I had a real problem getting the in between sounds with the FD8. The FD7 is better, not amazing, but better. Like others said, it feels better and seems tough. I dumped my FD8 on ebay and picked a new (old stock) FD7 for a loss of $5, well worth it to me.

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