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bell triggering on bow? [alesis triggerIO/smartrigger]

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  • bell triggering on bow? [alesis triggerIO/smartrigger]

    Hi guys,

    Just got my first vdrums kit, and im getting everything tuned up now (using the alesis triggerIO).
    I'm using a smarttrigger 2-zone ride cymbal, and I keep getting bell sounds thrown in when I hit the bow. Its set on PP (piezo piezo) - (piezo switch only gets me one sound.)

    anything I should tune up/down? x-talk is at the max (7)


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    Check out the Yahoo Trigger IO Group. I posted some directions on how to configure your triggers with the IO here: http://launch.groups.yahoo.com/group...rIO/message/93

    I'm not familiar with the SmartTrigger cymbals but assuming it has 2 piezos you should be able to isolate the 2 zones using gain/threshold first and only use xtalk as a last resort as it typically kills playability, specifically when set to max.

    For each zone remove xtalk completely, then drop your gain so only the hardest hits register maximum velocity, then raise threshold until your softest hits no longer register at all, then drop threshold back down a notch or two. That should help correct crosstalk significantly. Then use xtalk as a last resort on whichever zone is still giving mis-triggers.