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Using Alesis Hi-hat pedal with TD-9?

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  • Using Alesis Hi-hat pedal with TD-9?


    Just upgraded my Alesis kit with a TD-9 module (and a PD-125, and a Cy12, and some CY8s - this never ends. Oh, wait, it would have ended if I'd just bought a TD-9 kit in the first place. And would have been cheaper. ).

    Anyhow, my Alesis hi-hat pedal will not trigger to close the hi-hats on the TD-9. Can you really only use the FD8 or a VH-11 for hats with the TD-9? Is a simple on-off pedal like the Alesis not going to work at all? Am I just missing something in the TD-9 setup menu? Any help is appreciated. I'd really prefer to not have to upgrade to an FD-8 just yet.


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    Most Roland modules can't use a switch for hi-hat as they expect a variable resistance. You could get an FD pedal on eBay for $70.



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      Hey, thank you, Bruce. Unfortunately, that was what I figured, so I have gone ahead and ordered an FD pedal. Hope it's here by the weekend - I mean, I love an open hi-hat as much as the next guy, but I need some variety . . . .

      Thanks again,