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3 questions for the experts [TD-12 live/recording]

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  • 3 questions for the experts [TD-12 live/recording]

    thanks to everybody for all the infos

    I have 3 questions, what do you think is the best way to improve the live sound and recording sound of my td 12. I already bought some expansion pack, i have a very good P.A for live and very good computer and sound card for recording but I still thing there is a way to improove the sound and get closer to the sound in the headphone.

    2) Is there a way to get more than 2 outputs on my td 12 like the td 20 .

    3) What is the best system to play full band with my td 12 but on headphone and get great sound for everybody I mean great sound.

    if i have to buy somethink to improve my sound, money not an object so please help me.


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    I've noticed that what you see is what you get with all modules. The TD-12 has 2 DIRECT outs and 2 MASTER outs (L/R). You would want to jack the master outs directly into your PA or into the venue's sound board. The TD-20 has 8 DIRECT outs and 2 MASTER outs (L/R) as well as a digital coaxial out. To my knowledge, the direct outs allow you to say "send the hihat through this output and the snare through this output . . . " so on and so forth. Great for being able to have more options on the sound board or for recording each item separately.

    As far as the best system to play full band with the TD-12 but on headphones, I guess it really depends. Are you looking for a mixing board to have everybody jack into and then have headphones to hear each other, or are you wanting instruments like guitars to be mic'd up? I plan on getting Grado SR-80 series headphones, but if you're going to mic the instruments, you'll want a closed type instead.

    If you need a headphone splitter, I haven't really researched this much, since I only need to hear myself. Check out www.artaudio.com for a headphone splitter.


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      Live, the most important thing seems to be to get a nice solid punch in the low end. When you play acoustic drums. you feel the low end. With V-Drums, you have to recreate it. A sub-woofer will help a lot. And, as much as I hate to say it, turn up the volume. Acoustic drums are loud. You have to match that.


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        thanks for the infos


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          You can get 4 outs with the TD-12

          I have split Kick, snare, toms and cymbals

          it's really easy to do and is in the manual somewhere but i don't have it to hand now.

          Hope that helps a little