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TD-9 Bass Pedal Suggestions

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  • TD-9 Bass Pedal Suggestions

    What is a good bass pedal to get? Should I get a double bass pedal or single? I'm just getting into drums and I am learnign some double bass songs. It appears the TD-9 can use the high hat pedal but I'm thinking the double bass pedal would be better? thoughts?


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    I'm getting a Trick Pro-1V Detonator single to start. You can easily convert it to a double bass pedal and it's one heck of a pedal. It all depends on your budget. My thought was that I'd get the best I can buy and always convert to a double when my feet and skills improve.
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      I got the Tama Power Glide Single Pedal HP900P

      Its an awesome pedal
      Lee "Shaggy" Shand


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        I'd recommend you to visit a musicshop and try them all out. It's very hard to tell you to get this and that when in the end your taste is totally something else. Anyways i ended up with the Pearl Eliminator double.

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          Ruffneck is spot on.
          Probably the most popular double pedals around here are the Pearl Eliminators, the Tama Iron Cobra and the DW 5000 series.

          You hear a lot about Trick and Axis also, but they may be a little out of your price range. Damn good pedals though.


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            Pretty happy with my single chain drive Eliminator.


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              I like my Tama HP200P.
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                I love my Tama Iron Cobra. You can't go wrong with it.
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                  I had a Pearl Eliminator and loved it then converted it to a double and still love it.
                  I'm not fortunate enough to have gone through many pedals in my life, nor am I worthy of endorsements so I'm stuck with what I buy and can't really justify the money lost buying and selling several pedals as my tastes change.

                  Therefore, I love that the Eliminator can swap out different "cams" to adjust the feel/dynamics/gear ratio of the pedal.

                  All the pedals mentioned are great. At the time I was thinking DW. I just couldn't figure out in the store whether I liked the turbo or accelerator DW5000 pedals. So I went with the pearl (for a little cheaper) knowing I could adjust it to my liking to emulate either or adjust it if my playing style changes.

                  The DW9000 might have similar or more adjustments but it's way more expensive.

                  I'd probably keep it simple, save some cash and start learning with a single. Plus I know a lot of guys that got so good with a single that they don't need a double and, for the rare times that they do, they just use the floor tom in conjuction with the single...good skills to learn. Plus it frees up your floor space and hi hat set up a little.

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                    Eliminator double pedal here as well. Even though the TD9 can "simulate' double pedal with the FD8, it is really different due to the fact that the spring action is VERY different between a real pedal and the FD8.
                    Either get a single that can be upgraded, or get a double to start with...