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Recording my td20 to my laptop

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  • i-drum
    because it seems that m-audio fast track only records one mono track at a time , you could try going to project/quick mix in audacity and from the quick mix menu, select make stereo track after you recorded the mono drum track. that might work...

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  • hodsmack4
    started a topic Recording my td20 to my laptop

    Recording my td20 to my laptop

    Hey everyone - sweet forum, btw. I am simply trying to record my drumming with some mp3s and I think I may not have the right gear or I have no clue what I am doing. I have seen tons of youtubers do it, so I think I probably just have no idea what I'm doing (which surely would not be the first time).

    A dude at the music store told me that a simple M-audio Fast track USB would work with a recording app and said to try audacity and another one (can't remember that one). Said it was easy and free. So, I hooked it all up and after struggling, I got it to record, but its not in stereo so I can hear the mp3 in both ears but the drums only in one channel. Is there a way to make the drums in stereo using audacity and this Fast Track? I'm thinking I didn't buy the right interface to work. It says its for vocals and guitars, but I can't think why it would matter. Anyone use this stuff?

    Thanks for any advice. I'm sure it will help get me up and running or at least point me in a direction that will.