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(Don't laugh) - Triggering iPod?

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  • (Don't laugh) - Triggering iPod?

    Hi all - this can either be done or will make it to the Joke of the Day file...

    Without a sampler in the band, I use my iPod through the Mix In on my TD10EXP and play samples (mostly intro music/samples) through my amp in a live situation.

    I don't suppose there's ANY chance I could trigger the iPod to play a queued-up file from a drum pad, could I?

    I didn't think so...happy to entertain. :-) Or, if someone knows...

  • #2
    if you can aim very well.. just attach the ipod to your frame and hit the play button with your stick
    But to honoust.... i really dont know how you would be able to trigger it from a pad.........
    TD9-KX newbie :)


    • #3
      Ha ha ha ha ha ha.....
      How about getting a foot pedal to trigger a remote control to start your ipod playing? Just a thought.

      Or Shout NOW and get a mate to press play


      • #4
        You could set up a track with the samples panned right (to the main desk) and a click panned left (which would go to your headphones) and just run the track as you play. That way you would be in time and all your samples would come in on cue automatically.

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