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Midi noob seeks help

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  • Midi noob seeks help

    Hey guys,

    I'm a bit of a Midi noob and could use some clarity here.

    Here is the setup and config:

    PC using Nuendo 3
    Tascam US-1641
    Roland TD-10 vdrums (no expansion)

    Td10 Midi out ---> Tascam Midi In
    Td10 Midi In ---> Tascam Midi Out
    Nuendo ---> Any midi input
    Midi Output ---->VST Instrument or Tascam Midi Out

    I can create a new midi track and hit record and play something on the Td10 and it records the Midi data, this portion is fine. I can load a VST instrument and assign the midi track output to this instrument and get playback (with addictive drums it's drum map doesn't match so i've had to edit the midi assignments on the Td10)

    At this point that is a working viable option. I can play realtime and hear the samples from addictive drums or default wavetable synth with only a slight latency.

    However the issue is that when I assign the midi track output to the Tascam, which I expect to route to the td10 to play its samples. Instead, I get nothing but my meter bars going up and down like it's playing but no sound.

    My midi device manager has no list of devices and I don't know if I need to add the Tascam, td10 or a separate controler or how to configure the Tascam/Td10 in the Midi device manager.

    My question here is what am I missing? It's cool that I can use the Addictive Drums or any other VST instrument but I want it to playback the samples from the Td10 when playing back the midi drum track.

    Thanks for any information and help you guys can provide.

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    I don't have Nuendo, but I have Cubase so it should be similar.

    Turn off local control on the TD-10 or you will get bizarre MIDI loops.
    Make sure the TASCAM out is channel 10, which is the channel the TD-10 receives on.
    Let me know if that works.

    Also, make sure you do not have a Drum Map on or it will change the note values.


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      Thanks for your reply. I'll look into the local control. I think i did play around with it but it didn't seem to make any difference.

      I have tried the midi channel on 10 or any or 1 or anything it doesn't seem to matter. unless i'm in the wrong spot.

      Thanks again.
      Last edited by seldzar; 08-22-08, 05:02 PM.


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        Got it all working properly now, had to turn my mixer on. Whoops