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Hart Dynamics Rim protectors

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  • Hart Dynamics Rim protectors

    Hi Chaps,

    My question is quite simple and may be daft. Also I think I know the answer and would like confirmation and maybe other opinions.
    I have just purchased a Hart Pro Kit which I am generally pleased with, but my question concerns the black rubber rim covers, are they there just to lower stick noise if you wish to play the rims (x sticking) and protect them?

    I feel they make the kit look 'odd' and as I ( at the moment) do not intend hitting them ( the toms are single trigger ) I have taken them off.
    In my opinion they now look more true to the acoustic look.

    Or am I missing something?

    Thanks in advance


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    They are usually called "silencers" and therein is your answer. They also protect the sticks if you use a lot of rim triggering. Which it seems you won't be.

    If you ever feel the need to go back to rim guards, Jman has a technique of using clear rubber tubing. It silences the rims, protects the sticks and is nearly invisible to the audience.


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      Thanks for the reply.

      The clear tubing is a good idea for the future.



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        Hey Matt,

        I did exactly the same to my kit when i first got it. They do give the kit an odd look, even on the acupads. However, I did put the snare silencer back on after a while (with difficulty) as it hugely reduces that 'clonk' sound when using rim shots.
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          Yeah, I've got the Hart rim trim on my snare and works great to silence the rim shots. I used some Mcmaster carr stuff for the rest of the drums, but it required some double sided duct tape to stay in place well. The Hart stuff is expensive, but stays on great and has held up terrific for the last 2 years.

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