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Programming a click track loop on my TD-10?

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  • Programming a click track loop on my TD-10?


    I'm new to the Forum and have a question for you regarding programming a 4-bar click track loop on my TD-10 module, but I'll be playing on an acoustic kit. I just want to record 4 measures of time (cowbell or conga, or whatever sound provides an easy-to-hear quarter-note pulse) to be my "click sound" in my headphones.

    (I already know how to use the click track to play along with my TD-10.)

    This is different, as I'm in a band which does guitar sequencing; the guitarist wants to create samples on the fly, so to speak. To make this work, the guitarist needs to initiate the signal and tempo from his effects board and send it to my TD-10 through my MIDI IN port. This should activate the click loop so I can play along on my acoustic kit. He can then play his original guitar part, sample it, play it back, then play another pattern on top of it. Ideally, everyone stays in synch.

    I have the TD-10 manual, but I'm in new ground here. Anyone ever done anything like this?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Check out "Synchronization with external MIDI devices" on Pages 129-130. Getting MIDI sync from his pedal for your module's click should be as simple as setting Sync Mode to Auto. (External would also work; but Auto also allows you to set the tempo from the module as normal at other times in the absence of his signal without having to switch back to Internal every time.) That would take care of the tempo if you start the click from the module.

    I'm not sure that it's possible to actually start the module's internal click remotely. I believe to do that you may need to record a short user pattern on loop, because if you just had that selected as the current pattern then it could be started remotely. I think it depends on whether in your situation you need to not hear anythong until he starts, or is it good enough that once he starts your click is synchronized with his?

    EDIT: I realize that you spoke of recording a loop of cowbell or conga. But you can set the click to be cowbell or conga without having to record anything. I'm just not sure that you could start that remotely. So your plan may be best.

    PATTERN, FUNC (F2), GLOBAL (F1) is where you can set Sync Mode to Auto and try it out.

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