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anybody know about drum triggering [Roland triggers/Drumkat Turbo]

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  • anybody know about drum triggering [Roland triggers/Drumkat Turbo]

    hey everyone
    i am using a drumkat turbo into ableton live
    when i am using the drumkat i get lovely response,but i am using roland
    triggers on my acoustic bass drum and snare.
    when i am really kicking it fast the trigger is not reading everything,
    having some messy dynamic shifts and slight double triggering
    these are the only acoustic triggers i have used so is this normal when
    playing at high speeds?also i find i am not get my very low dynamics through
    but i wonder is this too much to ask?
    thanx lads

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    Welcome to the forum. Just FYI, double-posting is not really necessary, and somewhat frowned upon. Just for future reference.

    Your problem most likely lies with whatever interface you are using between your Roland triggers (no information in your post). It would have to correctly interpret the signal in order for Ableton to correctly process it. More information on your hardware setup would give those with greater knowledge here a better chance of coming up with a solution.


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      sorry bout that man
      hey man
      i am using the drumkat as a trigger interface.i have tried to train the triggers
      a couple of different ways,and still no joy.i think it might be the triggers them selves
      my set up is:drumkat turbo,macbook pro,snare and bass triggers,motu mk2 interface.
      i think i will move towards getting a muse receptor but that is a long way into the future.
      i have seen some death metal players on youtube getting great accuracy
      at high speeds.the drumkat is meant to be one of the best midi units available
      so im not sure where i am going wrong?

      thanx for your reply