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How to with midi and a keyboard controller and TD20

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  • How to with midi and a keyboard controller and TD20

    Hi guys and gals,

    I put a post up yesterday about recording midi with protools and a td20, but just have some follow up questions.

    I use Pro Tools M-Powered through an iMac and a M-Audio Projectmix I/O. I aslo record through the audio outs in my TD-20 either from the master out(s) or through the individual instrument outs.
    This has been great and dandy but I'd like to experiment with midi and also to put more instruments into my recordings apart from the Guitar, vocals, bass and drums I play through mics, D.I. or through the outs on the TD-20.
    I have no midi cables right now but will rectify that soon so as to just plug in and tinker with everything but I'd like to get some info up first.
    I am going to buy a midi keyboard in the UK when i get back in september (Im in the mid east now and selection is limited, if anyone has any suggestions on keyboards please put them through)

    If i am recording through the TD-20 into the projectmix as midi, will i have the midi files and also the td20 sounds recorded first time or will the midi files be recorded and i have to rout the midi files i played back through to the TD20 and out and recorded on another channel on protools to hear the drum sounds?
    Or am i correct in assuming both audio and midi will be recorded and that i can split the audio and the velocity info from midi.
    If so, can i then put the midi info through a software sequencer and hear keyboard notes from the midi velocity info i played on the TD20?
    Or, are midi drums velocity info not able to be transfered to melody instruments through software sequencers.
    I know its a lot of info and im not sure if the language and terms for everything ive used is right, but if you can decipher it and give me a hand it would be much appreciated.

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    Audio will be recorded if you set up for that. Same for MIDI. Whether both can be recorded simultaneously depends on the power of your system and its ability to handle both tasks. If you are recording MIDI, then playing it back through the module will (if channels and notes are configured correctly) result in a playback of samples within the module in keeping with the note and velocity information, which is part of the MIDI information. So, I don't really see the need to record audio and MIDI simultaneously, as you can always record the audio during MIDI playback after editing, which is the main reason most people record MIDI.

    You can play your MIDI information back through a software sequencer, but will not have access to the samples on the module. To do that, you will have to play the MIDI performance back through the module, where the samples reside.

    Velocity information should remain intact, thus should be playable through the software sampler or the module.

    Hope this helps. The best way to figure this stuff out is just to dive in. Everyone's setup is a little different, so it's hard to say just exactly how to configure your specific set of hardware and software.