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X-Talk Questions

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  • X-Talk Questions

    I am thinking of buying a pd8 for use as a cowbell. I was going to mount it sideways on the same l-rod that is holding a pd-120. Has anyone mounted two pads on the same l-rod? I am not sure if there will be any x-talk issues.

    I also have a qustion on the boom clamp mounts.


    I am wanting to mount a couple of CY5's hanging off some of my booms. Any x-talk problems with these either?

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    Just about the cymbal mounts - I'm using the Gibraltar "grabber" cymbal mount, almost exactly like the Pearl one you have pictured. I have had nary a X-talk problem. In fact, so much not a problem that this is the first time I've even thought about the possibility.


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      I have tried mounting two PD-8's on the same L-rod before and there was a horrid amount of crosstalk. I had the crosstalk settings maxed out and still got it on medium-hard hits.


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        I agree with Iceroid. You need some degree of separation or you won't be able to manage the x-talk without setting threshold really high.


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          Thanks for the replies. I am a go on the cymbal stands and a scrub on the pd8.