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td-12 drum pads options

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  • td-12 drum pads options

    My uncle offered me to pay for my td-12 as long as it's below 2.8k (I must put 1300 in but that's nothing).
    the thing is, I get the option of switching pads from my music store. for the same price, should I go:
    A) snare - 12" , 3 toms - 8" , 1 floor - 10"
    B) snare - 12" , 2 toms - 10" , 1 floor - 12"

    there is a problem though. I must choose before ordering the drumset, because they will exchange only new pads for that matter (makes sense but i must make a choice before trying it out really).

    what do td-12/20 users think would be better?

    thanks a lot
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    It's kind of a personal preference...do you play an acoustic set and have you become comfortable with a particular setup that mirrors one or the other? Would having a cymbal in place of the extra tom in (A) be better for your style of play?

    My setup is below in my signature. I had an extra tom (a PD8) that I used as a high tom and ended up freeing up that port to fit in the splash and china. I don't miss it. I'm used to using the 8" toms from previous Roland systems, but that doesn't necessarily match YOUR requirements. Would I probably like larger toms? Yes. I plan to make a 14" DIY snare and move that PD-105 over to the floor tom. I will likely sell off the extra PD-85 versus using it.
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      Without question go for option B. You'll appreciate the bigger pads. 3 toms is plenty and you can always get another later.


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        I'll try and go mix and match the td-20 and td-12 demos at the store and try the two setups.
        I like to have something to play into and I play rock/metal. As for the cymbals, I place my ride pretty flat on my right side, behind my floor so A or B wouldn't be a problem.


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          I'll cast my vote for the 3 larger tom set.

          I started with a TD-3 and then replaced everything. (Sold the TD-3 today.)

          The newer set up is much bigger and I think much nicer. The TD-3 seemed almost toy-like compared to the new set up. You'll like the larger heads.

          Like Tripp2k said, "It's kind of a personal preference.."

          Not having played drums before I wasn't trying to replicate an a-kit.

          Good luck !

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            I like the bigger heads as well. I was not an acoustic player either, but I did want to replicate the acoustic look because I just like it. I personally would rather have the extra cymbal. BTW, you can always add a fourth tom later if you want. I run four toms now.
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