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Newbie: Rim trigger problem PD-85

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  • Newbie: Rim trigger problem PD-85

    Just bought a TD-9KX with additional CY-8 and PD-85 on Crash2 and Aux trigger.
    All works fine except for the added PD-85.
    When hitting the rim at low to medium (strike) level, I only hear the "head" sound. Only when hitting really hard, the "rim" is triggered.
    Changing the RimShot Adj parameter helps a little bit, but when doing this, it creates a delay between hitting the head and hearing the head sound ?

    I don't have this problem with the 3 "original" PD-85's.
    All parameter settings are the same for all 4 PD-85.

    When physically changing the "problem PD-85" with for example Tom 1, the problem goes with it. So now I have problem with Tom 1 (Tom 4 is ok now).

    Is this a tension problem ? Distance between the rim and the trigger sensor to big ?
    How hard should a mesh-pad be tensionned ?

    I'm thinking of bringing this PD-85 back to the shop...

    Newbie (e-)drummer.
    TD-9KX (2008) +++ SPD-8 (1990) +++ EMU E-64 (1995)

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    It sounds like you have a bad pad. Take it back and get another.