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Recording to Midi problem with td-12...

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  • Recording to Midi problem with td-12...

    So i brought my kit over to a friend of mines who has a little studio in his basement, and we got it to record on the computer (using Acid pro i think) and play back just fine. The problem was when we wanted to save it to a file, it only allowed us to save it to a midi file, and when this saved file is playedback, it sounds like a bunch of boops and beeps.

    My friend says he usually uses the "render as" save option, but for midi recordings, its apparently not an option. Does anyone know how to save the kit sounds AND the midi data to a file? Thanks in advance.

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    What connections were you using from the module to the PC? When the track was played back, were the kit sounds being heard from speakers attached to the PC or the module?



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        Im using the UM-EX1 to connect to usb from the midi in and out jacks. When i played the track, i was hearing the sounds from the headphones plugged into the module (in the headphones out jack). The computer speakers were on, but nothing was coming out of them until i made the midi file and the crap beeps and boops came out of them.


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          So with those connections you were only recording MIDI, and play back was re-triggering the module to produce the sounds there again. But with no audio connection from module to PC the kit sounds were never actually reaching the PC to get recorded. To record and save sounds on the PC you need the audio connection too.



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            that is horrible news...i just spend 40$ on this cable to record, and it cant do that? Theres no way to take the sounds i hear from my recordings and put them on the computer with the um-ex1?

            If not, what do i need for an audio connection?

            I swore I heard you could record with a midi to usb connection...


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              No; MIDI doesn't transmit sounds, just instructions. The audio cable(s) would depend on what's available at the PC to plug them into, but two cords from Master Left and Right outputs for stereo.



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                how nice of a computer do you need to record audio live to acid pro? does it tax the system pretty hard? is there a place to find some specs on machines that can do it?


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                  Also, i would like to know why people would record with MIDI if it wasn't possible to actually share the music (as in , you can only listen to it on your computer when the module is connected and on)?


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                    Recording midi has a number of benefits:

                    - You can save you exact performance with a file much smaller than an audio file, but still get use high quality samples

                    - You can use the midi performance data and then select sounds to match it, or try different sounds

                    - You can very easily fix notes played, note volumes and durations

                    - As far as sharing your music, you can send a midi file out and they can use that to trigger any midi program or their own module, if the midi notes are set up in the same manner.

                    If you're looking to record your audio, you should see what kind of inputs are available on your computer. Most likely there is an 1/8th inch or other input which you could connect the main outputs on your drum module directly to. Make sure your software is monitoring that built-in input in its options settings, and then you should be able to record audio files.

                    You can also get an audio interface which will connect to your computer through USB or firewire. These run from inexpensive to very expensive and can get you a variety of features. Using one should get you a better quality recording than plugging directly into an 1/8th inch input.

                    I'm not familiar with your recording software, but I'm sure either of these solutions would work. To browse audio interfaces, just do a search in google or any online music shop. If you give an idea of your budget, I can make a recommendation. You could also search for audio interfaces here at vdrums.com.

                    Good luck!


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                      Originally posted by den3ny07 View Post
                      how nice of a computer do you need to record audio live to acid pro? does it tax the system pretty hard? is there a place to find some specs on machines that can do it?
                      no it only takes an o.k. computer to record audio to any software, i used to do it with a 1700 athlon and 512 megs of ram no problem. recording audio, even say 8 tracks at the same time can be done by any computer almost. using effects, automation, stuff like that taxes a prossessor more..as for midi, you have to convert it to an audio track(file), or bring your midi source with you ,i.e. keyboard or drum module so the midi signals can trigger those sounds again from those sources as midi has no audio of it's own. either way, you will have to convert to an audio file eventualy if you want your midi tracks to be part of a final mixdown..hope this helps...