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td-8 or td-6

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  • td-8 or td-6

    Which one is better, the td-6 or 8? And why?
    I have a td-3, but I want better cymbal sounds and some more inputs, so I would combine the two modules.

    Thanks for the tips edrummaz!
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    I've never owned or played a TD-6. I have owned 2 TD-8s.

    TD-8 has positional sensing on the snare whereas I don't believe the TD-6 does. This, in my opinion, is worth the difference.The TD-8 has easy-to-use slider bars to adjust volume of the different pieces. I'm sure there are others beyond the look.

    Check the emporium to see what might be available. I saw a TD-8 for $425 (worth it) that may or may not be gone.
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        About the only thing separating the two are features such as the TD-8s positional sensing. However if you use a high quality mesh head pad PD-80r or better with the TD-6v you would never know it does not have it. The TD-6 does have 2 small advantages. They were made up till last year so you can still find a newer one and price. The TD-6v is a fine module and you would be perfectly happy with it if you opt for it.
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