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Roland PD-125 & PD-105 vs. Hart Pro Toms

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  • Roland PD-125 & PD-105 vs. Hart Pro Toms

    I have a DIY kit with a Hart Snare. I'm not in love or hate with the snare (it works but is a bit loud due to the gigantic tower of piezo). I've always preferred the _look_ of Hart's drums b/c Roland seems to go too far to the space-agey 'edrums as a distinct instrument' thing when I really want my edrums to look like real drums. Also, Roland has that goofy mounting system even on their 'snare' pads. I've never seen any recognizable difference in how the two brands trigger.

    I'm at the crossroads where I have to decide whether to invest more money in finalizing my DIY toms & bass drum or just buy pro versions. If I go pro, again I'm leaning towards the Hart b/c they look better (and are cheaper). Just curious if anybody could offer a reason to go with one brand over the other.

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    I agree with you based strictly on looks. I have a full TD20 kit and use a chrome Hart Pro snare. I am in process of upgrading all of my toms to the Hart pro stuff (will probably go with the black lacquer for those) because I cannot stand the chintzy Roland rack and the crappy L-rod mounts. I will also be changing to a DW chrome rack (shiny-shiny!) with either DW or Yamaha Cymbal booms. The Pearl style tom mounts on the Harts are much sturdier, look infinitely better, and are more adjustable.

    My only beef with the Hart pro pads is that the trigger foam is much larger and it causes a dead spot in the center of the head which I haven't noticed with the Roland pads. I will probably keep the Roland heads as I prefer the feel. Speaking of which, have you had a problems with stretching on the 13" Hart head? I've gone through 2 of them in about 8 months because they keep stretching out.


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      To throw another brand at you...you could consider Pintech.

      There are many Hart fans here at vdrums.com. So the Harts are a good alternative.

      I replaced my TD-3 with Gibraltar rack and all Pintech mesh heads and cymbals. I saved $$$ compared to getting Roland .

      You might consider contacting Brian at Hope Drums, he's a Pintech and Hart dealer. He could probably answer your questions. I got my gear from him. I kind of bought the Pintech stuff on faith as I couldn't go to the local GC and compare the two brands. The new set up makes the TD-3 ( while a nice little kit) seems toy-like by comparison.

      Good luck.

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        My opinion is that the hart pro black toms are better value than the Roland 20 toms. When tightened down the hot spot is no worse than the Roland toms, they harts just feel more for your money.
        But I would, if I had the time convert A to E, if the deeper shells are practical ; in fact there is one particular A to E conversion, on this forum, that visually I am very envious of. It uses 3 wood finish Toms and with their ‘real’ depth they look really good, rather than looking like converted snares ( If I had the picture I would post it, but it’s on my old, now not working Laptop)

        Having said all this, I own the Hart pro kit with black toms and I am really pleased with the 'acoustic look' especially with the metal cymbals and hi hat.

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          Originally posted by eddy41
          i own the Hart pro kit with black toms and I am really pleased with the 'acoustic look' especially with the metal cymbals and hi hat.
          Hey, Matt

          Would love to see pics of your kit. I have honestly never seen photos of the pro Hart toms in black other than the standard marketing photos. Seems there are lots of folks with the chrome finish, but I've not seen anyone else with the black finish.

          Post'em if you got'em!

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            I went with the Hart Pro toms over Roland for two simple reasons. I think they look better and they are somewhat cheaper (especially at the time I bought them -- not sure how they cost compare these days.)
            Hawk snare, toms, and bass; Hart ECII crashes & ride; VH-10 Hihat; Iron Cobra double-bass.
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              The 'dead spot' issue is something that bugs me with Hart. My snare looks great but the center is problematic as it is over-sensitive and acoustically loud to play. That's the only reason I'm a little hesitant about getting the Hart toms. But man those Roland drums do look horrible.

              As far as Pintech, I've really only heard bad things about them. But if they've improved I'm certainly willing to consider them.


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                My Hart toms rock. Okay, they're older Accupads with the older hardware but I've played on the newer ones, they're great.

                And mechanically, they're the same as the Pro versions.

                They are a far greater value than the Rolands.

                As for any hot spot, you can program that out (search in here under my handle and ginberbaker's--we walk, okay mostly he, walks you thru getting rid of it). It's usually just a snare problem--I've never had it on my toms. And it's hardware independent: I've had Hart, Roland and Pintech pads all of which have had a snare hotspot...until I programmed it out. Again, don't overly worry yourself about a tom hot spot with any piece of hardware.

                Much of this is touchy-feely. Actually, if you like bouncy drums, Rolands are far bouncier as is Pintech. That's one reason why I have a Pintech snare (I need the bounce) and Hart toms (don't want the bounce).

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