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Drum Machine as Sound Module?

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  • Drum Machine as Sound Module?

    Hi folks. This is actually a two part question:

    1) I sometimes hear of people mounting drum machines in with their e-kits. Why?

    2) I know a lot of drum machines these days have MIDI interfaces. Technically speaking, using a Trigger-to-MIDI converter(TMC-6, MIDIKITI, etc), could one hook up a set of ads to a drum machine, and use it as a sound module instead of a standard drum brain(TD-series, DTX, etc)?



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    I think triggering a drum machine is a good option since:

    1. today drum machines aren't that populair anymore. Their role have been overtaken bij (software) sequencers, or workstations. So you can have a drum machine for a bargain.

    2. the boss machines, which are 3 or 4 years old have good sounds, kits to store those sounds in and built in effects.

    3. it's quite easy to get a good trigger to MIDI interface, be it the old Roland PM-16 or the newer TMC-6

    4. the setup is quite compact

    5. you don't get loose in tweaking sounds