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Where to buy cheap mesh triggers?

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  • Where to buy cheap mesh triggers?

    Hey guys, I've been looking for a way to upgrade my rubber pads from my Roland TD3 to mesh pads for more comfort, however all of the roland mesh pads on the market run for about 300 each which is way more than what I can afford (3x300 = ). Are there any other alternative methods that are cheaper for me?

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    Custom Electronic Drums, Shell Packs, Electronic Cymbals, Electronic Trigger Bars, Full Electronic Drum Kits, Modules, Mesh Heads And Accessories.

    Dont know if he posts to other places around the world,i hope so.
    TD3 + SPD-6 and love it


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      I've tried buying from them buy there seems to be some problem adding the triggers to My Cart. Every time I try to add anything to My Cart, it does nothing and it also will not let me view My Cart. Are there any other alternatives besides Jobeky?


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        Make your own... it really isn't difficult at all. I didn't spend $300 all in for all 4 of mine, and that includes the ~$150.00 worth of Roland mesh heads.

        There are several tutorials around the web, most linked in these forums.
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