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DDrum Electronic Percussion RSKIT Red Shot Drum Trigger Kit

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  • DDrum Electronic Percussion RSKIT Red Shot Drum Trigger Kit

    I am thinking about buying this to hook up my acoustic set to my Roland TD3 module : http://www.samedaymusic.com/product--DEPRSKIT

    Does anyone have anything to say about these triggers? Also, are there any other triggers that I should think about buying that are relatively inexpensive? Thanks.

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    Seen some bad reviews of them.


    The ones that are 220 USD seem to get good reviews though.



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      If I did try triggering with my acoustic set, where can I buy mesh pads for my set to mute the acoustic sounds?


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        I've used the redshots and they are just ok. The Pro models are great, I would recommend those over the redshots any day. That said, the redshots have the exact same piezos (except the snare, the pro is a dual trigger for head and rimshots) as the pros, the differences are only in the housing and the connectors. The Pros use XLR to 1/4" and the reshots just use 1/4" mono cables. The Pro Snare requires a special XLR to dual 1/4" for separate head and rim triggers.

        I prefer the Hart Magnum heads. Google them.

        Edrums- KD-120, PD-125 (3), PD-105 (3), Yamaha PCY155, PCY-135 (4)
        Module - Roland TD20X
        Software - Pro Tools and Toontrack Superior


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          So if I bought the pro triggers from dDrum, I would need these cables? http://www.musiciansfriend.com/produ...-14?sku=331513