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Simmons SD5K!

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  • Simmons SD5K!

    I have some questions about the SD5K kit, I know it's not comparable to any Roland sets or anything like that but i don't have much money and I've tried out the kit and think it's pretty OK for that price, I'm just going to use it for home practice and some simple recording stuff..But as i said, i have some questions!:

    1. Does the SD5K has support for more pads than what it comes with? if not: does it have any kind of device to add more pads to it, like the Roland TMC-6 or anything like that, or is there some other device i can use?

    2. Can i switch the cymbals for Roland cymbals with better quality?

    3. Is there any mesh-pads that fits with the kit?

    4. Can i download additional sound to the module via internet and then save into the module or can i use a program like Fruity Loops and use the Fruity Loops Percussion Console and somehow change the sounds in the module additionally?

    5. If i make a custom kit with the sound already on the module, can i use the dual zone feature to have for example: 1st crash edge - crash, 1st crash bow - splash, ride edge - 2nd crash, ride bow - ride. so that i can get 4 cymbals in 2?

    6. Will i need something special to do recording with this kit or is it just to connect the output to a studio-card's input and then record via Audacity or something?

    7. The Alesis DM5 Pro Kit costs the same as the SD5K here in Sweden so i wonder: which one is the better choice? Alesis has more inputs but SD5K has more features that makes it more realistic.

    I would be really thankful for quick replies because i need a drum kit for school which starts soon (music college) so I'll need to get these questions answered fast.