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Kick pedal comparisons

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  • Kick pedal comparisons

    I picked up an inexpensive, Yamaha single chain drive pedal when I first got my V-drums a few years ago, and I'd really like to upgrade it. I've read some reviews, but I would appreciate any suggestions or recommendations of pedals that some of you might have. Thanks.

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    2Box DrumIt Five, TDW-20BK , additional Kit Toys & Roland cymbals, 2Box, Pearl and Sonor pedals


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      I used to run double pedals but love the feeling of singles now. So on both my electric TD-20 & acoustic kit (PDP Platinum Series) I run 2 singles. The td-20 has 2 KD-120's and the acoustic I've got 2 20x16 kicks. But anyways...

      As far as pedals go, I run 2 Pearl Eliminator's on my TD-20 and 2 Trick Pro-1V Bigfoot pedal's on the acoustic. For the best 'bang for your buck' would be the Pearl Eliminators. Easy and pretty straight forward and USEFUL adjustments, interchangable cam's, 4 sided beaters with memory locks, etc.

      But if you wanna go balls to the wall, get the Trick pedals. They're insane. Smooooth as butter and seriously the easiest pedals to adjust EVER. You can make them so tight you can hardly play them, or you can make them so loose that any movement will send the footboard sinking to the ground, lol. And ANYWHERE in-between. It's got measurements I believe in "MM" so you can get the exact same position every time for footboard and for beater angles/height. Plus it's pretty much indestructable, I think I could run it over with a car a good 100 times and it wouldn't effect it whatsoever, it's a tank!

      The only thing I might switch out on it is acutally the beaters, they're made from titanium and for me are almost too light, I like having a bit heavier beaters, so I might just swap them from my Pearl's and I think I'd have a flawless setup.
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        I'd like to try the Trick's one day, they seem nice. I have Axis-A Longboards now, which I really like. I like Pearl pedals, on one kit in the music academy we have them. On another one we have an older Yamaha double chain which is nice as well. And in the fanfare we have a very very simple (don't know the brand) pedal and actually, I like it as well. It feels very solid.

        I don't like the Tama Iron Cobra's (now don't shoot me!).

        'lectric drumma
        Roland TD-20, Hart Dynamics 7.6, 2 x PD-7, extra PD-7 and Hart Snare laying around, Vic Firth Dave Weckl signature sticks, Axis A-longboards double pedal, Sony MDR-CD780 headphones and not enough inputs.


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          i tried a low-end Mapex singlechained single pedal like 2 weeks ago and i really liked it! :O
          the feeling in the pedal isn't about how big it's price tag is


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            I've got the double tama iron cobras for 3 years and i love them. hihat is also iron cobra (two legged version for more space) and totally love that one too. i've been beating them to death and they are still like new. great investment, totally worth the investment.


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              up to now I've tried a cheap sonor, a sonor giant step, a tama and a yamaha. I'm currently playing with a pearl. The only brand I haven't tried yet and that I might be interested into is the dw 5000 accelerator. So as of now, my fav is the giant step.

              ps: all the pedals I mentionned were doubles


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                Thanks for all the input, everyone. I guess the best advice is, "Go try them out yourself". Good advice, indeed. At least I have some ideas of what to try.


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                  If you want to try out a cool, easy played pedal then look after the Gibraltar Catapult, on the otherside it's a rather big pedal that may put you 1-2" more away from your kit but if you don't think that's a big deal then the pedal is extremely smooth and nice to play.


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                    The new Trick Dominator pedals are supposed to be out this month. Still great but more affordable than original tricks. Definitely try a big foot model if you can.



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                      I really liked my Tama flexi-flyer strap pedal.


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                        Anybody got more info on the Trick Dominator's? Just wondering what the price will be and differences with their current line.
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                          Actually, if you don't want the longboard version of the Trick Double, Musicians Friend has them for sale as a Clearance/Scratch N' Dent for like $560 which is more than 200 bucks off regular selling price. I love the longboards though but that's just me personally.
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