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*Rim* trigger from PD120 *Head*

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  • *Rim* trigger from PD120 *Head*

    Hello to everyone.
    I got a V-Session kit last May and have been having a problem with my PD120 snare - if I strike the area above the crossbar I very often get a rim sound(click or rim shot depending on how hard the stroke is) instead of the sound assigned to the head of the pad.
    I haven't ripped the thing apart to check it out, but I can see something on that side of the crossbar (the rim piezo sensor perhaps?)

    Before the flames begin in earnest, I have RTFM (sorry to steal your thunder, Mr. BINARY), I'm not saying my answer isn't in there, but I didn't find it on my first read.
    I did also search before posting this (thunder #2 successfully stolen), and didn't see a topic addressing this issue - I have made sure that the arms of the snare basket are not touching the phono plug, though, as that was a problem noted in another thread.

    Thanks in advance for your help.


    V-Session Kit

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    Set your cross stick threshold higher or turn off the crosstick off altogether. Sorry to break it to you, but this is in the manual for the TDW-1. I assume they give you this manual with the session kit, don't know for sure though.


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      I usually have the crosstick set at 80, but I tried fooling around with it, and could get the pad to consistently mis-trigger with it set as low as 7.
      I really don't want to lose rimshots and clicks - any other ideas?
      V-Session Kit


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        Is the head tentioned properly?


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          Eh, good question.
          I always seem to have a hard time getting the tuning tool to register the same way twice, so I end up making gradual adjustments until most of the hits register with the arrows the way they're supposed to be. I don't know if that's normal or not, but the manual makes it sound like yous should get very consistent readouts from the hits.
          Upon further investigation of the manual, I'm thinking if I adjust the rim sensitivity, that might clear my problem up - just worried that it'll kill the responsiveness - I'll check it out when I get home tonight.
          Now if I could just get the bell of the ride cymbal working properly......

          V-Session Kit