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Td-6 vs td-10/12

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  • Td-6 vs td-10/12


    Im jonesing for a td10/12 module update from my current td-6 but am wondering if anyone can honestly say that there's significantly better realism to the sound of the crash cymbals. I have a few of the vexpression kits loaded into my td-6 and am totally satisfied with the snare and tom sounds, but always feel like the big cutting cymbal crash sounds tinny and timid with the td-6 cymbals.

    Is there anyone who has upgraded and felt like the td10/12 cymbals are more powerful sounding.

    While I would love a td-20 module, Im not sure the wife would go for it. I know the answer to the td-6 to td-20 comparison.

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    Hmmm, tricky. I went from a TD-6 to TD-12 (both with vexpressions) and the biggest changes I noticed was the depth of the toms and the quality of the hi hat. Next the snare, then the cymbals. So if you are just upgrading for the cymbals then it may not be worth it.... but you WILL notice a huge improvement in other parts of the kit, even if you are "happy" with those bits already.