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Where in Canada can I buy Hart Products?

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  • Where in Canada can I buy Hart Products?

    I tried to search this information on the forums here and never found what I needed.

    I am looking for the Hart mesh products and maybe the snare but I cannot find a website for Canada.

    I am trying to avoid the high shipping & duty costs associated with buying from the US. Last $70 item I bought had a $39.50 fee when it arrived.

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    Canadian Hart Dealer

    Use Fleet Sound & Lighting. They're out of Ottawa.
    Here's a link to the drum section of their online catalog.... http://www.fleetsound.com/catalog/index.php?cPath=175


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      Here is some information I got directly from Hart Dynamics:

      Please contact Michael Feagan at:

      Fleet Pro Sound and Lighting
      100-14 Bexley Place
      Ottawa, ON K2H8W2


      Please click on the link below at Fleet Pro Sound's website to view Hart products.


      Thank You,

      Paul Andre
      National Sales Manager
      Hart Dynamics, Inc.
      Unfortunately, since Fleet appears to have a monopoly on Hart Dynamics in Canada, their pricing seems to reflect as much. The Hart Magnums are generally $10 per unit cheaper than Roland in the US, but you'll find that isn't the case from Fleet. Personally, and for that reason alone, I'd probably never deal with them.

      One hint when ordering from the U.S. - Fedex and especially UPS charge an unreasonable amount for brokerage. I have had very good responses from U.S. sellers when I explain this to them and request that they use U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail International. The rates are very reasonable, the service is acceptable (and insured), and the respective postal services do not charge brokerage for across border transactions.

      That said, some U.S. retailers are bound by contract not to sell to the Canadian market if there exsists a Canadian distributor... It's the old rock and a hard place scenario...

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        I checked with the Ontario store but it appears that it would cost me $28 to ship a $35 drum head!!

        That said, I really like the idea of using the US Postal system to skip brokerage fees, thank you for that idea.


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          A $35 drum head that retails for $25 everywhere else... thats the part that annoyed me...

          Best of luck!

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            That said, anyone know of a cooperative US website that will use postal service for shipping?

            I talked to the manager at Long & McQuade in town today and he is contacting the drum buyer at head office to see if he is interested in approaching Hart.

            With any luck this may work out...I think we have about 30 L & M stores in Canada


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              I mentioned them to the local Long & Mcquade store as well, maybe if they hear it enough they'll consider carrying them.

              Musician's Friend lists them as a product that ships to Canada, and their shipping policies page mentions 'Lighter weight items may be shipped via USPS.'

              I'd definately call and discuss the shipping before placing an order. This can't be the first time they've heard this request.

              For what it's worth, if Roland has the sizes you need, L&M's prices are very good, and given the shipping charges you'll probably get them for less in the end. I recently paid $27.97 for the 10" and $30.84 for the 12".

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                Only reason I am interested is that I have read that the Hart Magnum head is supposed to be superior in feel.
                Do you know if there is any difference between the Roland head vs Hart?


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                  Not personally, no. But there are several threads in these forums discussing head comparison.

                  I have only used the original rubber pads, some unsatisfactory DIY attempts, Pearl Muffle heads, and finally the Roland heads which are the best by far in my experience. I would have gone for the Hart's too if it wasn't such a hassle obtaining them, but I don't regret the money I spent on the Roland's.

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