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How to CORRECTLY tension mesh heads?

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  • How to CORRECTLY tension mesh heads?

    So I just cleaned my mesh heads off of my new (to me) TD-10. They were disgusting. I used oxyclean and hot water. Holy crap! They honestly look brand new. So now to my problem. I have no idea how to tension them correctly. I don't have any documentation that came with the drums. The only tool I have at my disposal is a drum key. I hope that is all I need. Can someone point to a thread or explain exactly how to tension them? Thanks!

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    Go to http://www.roland.com and download the manual for your drum. It's all explained there.
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      I use a drum torque. It tensions the head evenly. I believe the snare has positional sensing. The module will show you how tight you should tension the snare. Then I would tension the toms a little less then that. (I dont know if the td 10 has postional sensing on the toms or not) Like Ruffneck said I would download the manual. It is good to have anyways.

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        There really is no trick. You just need to evenly tension the heads to your liking. I like them nice and tight.


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          I use an Ahead Drum Dial for nice consistent tuning.


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            The correct way is just like an acoustic head...just remember to tighten the lugs in small increments working across the head, not around in a circle. I like to imagine that I am drawing a 5-pointed star as I go around the lugs. 6-lug drums are even easier.
            A good page to read is the first couple of steps here: