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PD-125 Triggering Problems

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  • PD-125 Triggering Problems

    Hey, all.

    I'm using a TD-9, and I bought a couple of used PD-125s off someone. I have a hotspot problem with the one I'm using for snares - not so much that the center hotspot is too loud, but the volume levels outside the hotspot area are way too low. So I really have to nail the center to get proper volume. Is this most likely a problem with the cone? Tightening the mesh pad makes the problem worse.

    On the other pad, I'm having trouble with the rim trigger - the brain senses the rim hit when I'm editing the drum sounds, but the volume is so low that you hear almost nothing when you hit the rim. Any idea what's wrong here - loose solder, perhaps?


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    Did you set the TD-9 to recognize the pads as PD-125s? It sounds like they are configured for another pad type.


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      What Michael said. Use SETUP, TRIG (F1), TYPE (F1) to set those two inputs to PD125.



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        Thanks for the suggestions, guys. I checked and the pads were set to PD-125. I solved the snare hotspot problem by changing the curve to "Log 1."

        Then I upped the sensitivity and threshold on the Aux pad. Things are a little better, but there are still some dead spots around the rim. Triggering is still intermittent, depending on the spot on the rim where I hit.



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          For the rims, you can use SETUP, TRIG (F1), ADVNCD (F3), RIM (F2) to adjust Rim Gain (sensitivity) and RimShot Adj (threshold).

          Threshold generally needs to be downed not upped if you want something to trigger easier (use 0 if possible, especially for a snare).