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Hi-Hat (VH-12) Internal Debris Cleaning

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  • Hi-Hat (VH-12) Internal Debris Cleaning

    I wanted to start a thread on this subject as I have seen people chat about it (rarely) in the past. The problem is, I don't know what to search and figured a thread on the subject that holds a lot of keywords in the conversing might help others in future searches and instructions...


    Has anyone disassembled the VH-12 to clean out internal junk/dust/debris that (after years of wear) begin to hamper the operation of the hi-hat's playability. Mine is in desperate need of this servicing, so I wanted to see if anyone's done/documented it up to this point. (Chris Jude... BarT maybe?)

    Anyway, if no one's done this, I am about to take on the duty and I'll probably shoot a series of images for a future tutorial.

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    Not me; I've never owned or even played a VH-12.

    The last discussion, including links to photos and instructions by Mr Stixx who says he's done it often, was here; VH-12 choke (rubber debris?)

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      My techs have done this on tour many times - just strip back the rubber over the striking surface and buff with a cloth. Recently had to replace the vh 12 though as the old ones packed up.