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PM30 vs Keyboard amp for TD20 and Bass guitar and stage piano

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  • PM30 vs Keyboard amp for TD20 and Bass guitar and stage piano

    I've been playing my TD20, my bass and piano through headphones over the last few years.
    I'm now planning to buy an amp (only as a personel monitor or for small spaces) that would ideally fit all 3 instruments.

    I'm aware that in an ideal world I should buy three dedicated amps but, given my lack of space and limited budget, I'm ready to make the compromises in sound involved in a single amp.

    I'm presently thinking about the Roland KC350 but was wondering if the PM30 wouldn't have a range more suited for all instuments ?

    Any thoughts ??

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    Yes of these the bass is the most demanding. So I would go for a modern and neutral sounding bass amp.

    Actually Roland do several and they are really good. So you could stick with Roland if you want to. The keyboard will sound great through it as will the TD20.

    Having said that I play my bass through my PM10 and love the sound.



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      I own the PM-30. I would go for the KC-350

      For what you're trying to do, I don't think the PM-30 would suit your needs. When it's set to "subwoofer mode," the drums sound great. However, in the full-range mode, on which the keyboard would sound better, the drums don't sound good at all. I also think trying to play a bass through it would sound terrible - would think you need a 15" woofer and a more powerful amp for that.

      You'd be better off with the KC-350 if you want to run it all through one amp (or two, in stereo, if you prefer). I came so close to buying the KC instead - it's pretty awesome-sounding. I know Peavey makes a similar stereo-capable keyboard amp too.


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        Thanks for the replies !

        I guess going with a bass amp would be another option but would it be able to handle the high end/cymbals ?

        Next week I'm going to see if they let me drag the KC and a bass amp through the music store and try all three instruments...


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          A lot of modern bass cabs are three-way designs that can handle the whole frequency range. Check out Dr bass cabs and Acme and Accugroove.