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Roland TD3KW or Jobeky ProX/Custom?

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  • Roland TD3KW or Jobeky ProX/Custom?

    I'm a returning drummer (5 years worth of lessons plus some gigging experience too many years ago ) and need some advice on which kit to purchase. I’m looking at an entry level kit to start and budget set at around £700. I’ve looked at alot of second hand Roland kits on eBay and noticed that the majority seem to sell at not much less the current new price - give or take the odd version upgrade or two!

    I’ve tried a few cheap rubber headed kits (~£300) and a Traps E450 with mesh heads. Although I really liked the feel of the mesh heads on the Traps (and the near real-world sizes) the kit was let down by very poor drum triggering and single zone cymbals. A great shame as the build quality generally felt good for a kit in this price range.

    I’ve read some reviews on the Roland TD3KW (all good) and a couple on the Jobeky ProX, but have no way of making a direct comparison. I like the idea of mesh heads and near real-world sizes the ProX offers and the fact that you can customize purchase a custom kit from Jobeky, but am concerned that the kit might not live up to expectations in terms of playability when compared to the Roland.

    Any thoughts/comments therefore gratefully appreciated!

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    You'll probably get some feedback on this from Daveybabes. The Jobecky look very intriguing--certainly the price. Are you in the UK?



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      Yes, I'm in the UK.


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        I started playing drums on a TD-3 about a year and a half ago. I never played acoustic drums. It's a nice little kit. I had good luck with it. I'm in the process of a major replacement project, Gibraltar rack, TD-12 module. I had added Pintech mesh heads to the TD-3. They worked well on the TD-3. You could always add some mesh heads to the kit.

        I'm not at all familiar with the Jobeky.

        But I can put in a good word for the TD-3. It was Roland's entry level kit when I bought it. They since released the HD-1.


        TD-12 on a Gibraltar rack with Pintech mesh heads and cymbals, 12" snare, 2 10" toms, 1 12" tom, 8" mesh kick, Dingbat and Visulite 14" crash 13" hi-hats, 18" 3 way triggering ride, PM-10 monitor, Tama HP-200 pedal, Zildjian anti-vibe sticks, iPod, Sound Percussion throne, Yamaha snare stand and Tama hi-hat stand

        TD-12/Gibraltar rack/Pintech Concertcast drums 12" snare, 1 12" tom, 2 10" toms, 8" mesh kick, Visulite cymbals, 14" dual zone crash, 13" hi-hat, 18" 3 zone ride and 2 Dingbats, Roland PM-10, iPod, Zildjian anti-vibe sticks, Roc-N-Soc throne with backrest, Yamaha snare stand, Tama Iron Cobra pedal and HH75W hi-hat stand, Sennheiser HDR 110 wireless headphones. V-expressions 80's and 90's Giggin' Kits and Both Top 50 drummers (hopefully functional soon)


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          Hi sbarwell,

          I'm the proud owner of Jobeky ProX drums, I spent several months looking at and testing all the top well known makes at a number of drum outlets across London / Herts / Essex.
          I then came across a few very positive posts on this forum and MD which mentioned this little known make called Jobeky drums.

          After speaking to Colin Ackroyd (Jobeky Drums) I decided to travel the 130 odd miles from North London to Stafford to have a look at his products and test them out, all I can say is that they knocked spots of the more expensive products on the market.
          The build quality is superb, they look fantastic and the play and feel is the closest to real acoustic I have found, put all this together with the price and you have real value for money.

          Colin is a top guy and has a real passion for what he produces, I like the fact that I get to deal with the designer, the research and developer, the builder and the salesman, only one person for all your needs.

          I noted in one of your posts that your based in the UK, my advice is, before you make any decision to buy test out Jobeky drums, well worth the trip to Stafford, but if your in the London area your more than welcome to make an arrangement to check out mine.

          Hope this feedback helps