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Isn't it ironic, don't ya think?

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  • Isn't it ironic, don't ya think?

    How many times have you seen people on this Web site longing for the look of "real" cymbals on their e-kits, as opposed to the black discs of Roland fame?

    So, now what happens? Acoustic players are getting all excited about being able to add black cymbals to their a-kits!!!

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    We drummers - such a mixed up bunch of kids, aren't we?
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    Very ironic. However, I'm not sure how excited the true acoustic players are about these...over at harmony-central, there have been numerous threads...and the general opinion has been a resounding "meh".


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      Don't forget about the Paiste Colorsound line, white, red, blue, black, and maybe other colors. I can't remember off the top of my head.
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        and i am still waiting for clear acrylic cymbals to match clear acrylic drums....
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          Black is the new Brass! or sumthin'


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            Hey, metal guys have got to love that! I saw an A-set on Musician's Friend that was all flat black....Shells, heads, lugs, everything! A total absence of light. If I remember it was made by Pacific or DW. It was a metal drummer's evil wet dream. All it was missing was black cymbals. So, wallah...Zildjian provides.
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              Originally posted by Michael Render View Post
              Black is the new Brass! or sumthin'
              God knows we spend plenty of 'brass' on our 'black'


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                My last trip to GC they had a cool "glass oyster black" set up with all the new black cymbals. It was the first time took second notice of an A set in a long time. Very Pretty indeed. I stood their thinking about the conversion and if my triggers would fit into the drums. I'd have to buy new drum cases....Then I had to think about building the cymbals into smart cymbals.... The Roland TD20 set across the room caught my eye and the insanity was over. I really like the black and white look of the Roland cymbals and in the musical venues I play, the Roland cymbals are becoming a status cymbal.....pun intented.
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                  My son just got the new "Pitch Black" Zildjians.
                  Hes loves them with his black Tama's.
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                    Pitch Black Cymbals

                    Originally posted by Mesh_Head View Post
                    My son just got the new "Pitch Black" Zildjians.
                    Hes loves them with his black Tama's.
                    Just an FYI - My drum shop guy said that there is some high maintenance on those to keep them looking good. He said that for him the cool factor would wear off faster than his desire to keep them up. If they come with a manual that outlines upkeep on them, make sure you follow it to the letter. Otherwise, Zildjian will tell you to pound sand if something goes wrong.
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