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duckie abuse

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  • duckie abuse

    I stumbled across these "Duck" triggers made by Pintech and ordered one on a lark. Hey they are not very exspensive, I think I paid $26 plus a few dollars shipping. I thought it would make the family laugh around the house. Entertain the grandkids with a duck that makes wierd drum sounds and so forth. Too my surprise, the little duck really is a good little accessory trigger. I think I'll leave it on my kit for the next tour and see how much sh..stuff the band gives me. I got mine on ebay, but they are available from the Pintech website. The paperwork says that they carry a special kind of warrenty because of suspected duck abuse. LOL A company with a sense of humor.
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      Very cute!


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        I've considered getting a few of these and setting them up on the side of my kit for my son (now 19-months old) to play on. He absolutely LOVES sitting in front of the kit with me and playing along.

        But, just a week ago, he was sitting on the throne all by himself and doing really well at moving around the kit, even stretching up to whack the cymbals and pushing his little feet down as far as he could in attempts to reach the pedals. He was even recognizing the various parts of the kit, hitting the hats when his mom asked him to hit the hi-hat, hitting the snare when she said snare, etc. I was pretty impressed.

        I'm a little afraid that I might confuse him at this point if I put drummer duckies in front of him. I'm pretty sure he associates duckies with bath time, not drum time. Still, I think those are pretty cute triggers.
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          ducks are cool
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