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For people who've bought Smartrigger cymbals recently

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  • For people who've bought Smartrigger cymbals recently

    I know all about the owner of the ST company and their oh-so-faulty cymbals. So every bone in my body tells me not to head that way but.. I've just bought a set of Field cymbals.. turns out the rims are not working properly at all.. mainly because Mr. Field didn't install the Keith Raper circuits because who knows why..

    So I'm either going Roland or Smartriggers. My budget is further down now that I'll have to send it back and cop a huge shipping fee hence my interest in smartriggers.

    All the people who've bought ST in the past would definitely not recommend this product, but I hear that they've rectified their methods and is now working without any annoying problems, so far for one member in this forum.

    If you've bought ST cymbals recently(say within 6 months prior to now), I'd love your feedbacks.
    I realise nevertheless that whatever the cymbal's qualities are nowdays, the owner's cust. services are still a big concern. But I think with the DIY infos in this forum, I'll be able to fix any problems be it with the PVC dampening sheet, piezo or circuitry.

    Now what I want to know is ultimately are metal cymbals really work as well as rubber pads. Do their edge zones work flawlessly? The material being metal instead of plastic the isolation would barely exist between the rim piezo and the head piezo. So unless ST uses membrane switch for both choke and rim switch, this really concerns me.

    And for anyone who might possibly have ST's 3 zone ride, do the edge and bell zones work nicely? Even if ST uses a membrane switch for the edge zone and a piezo for head and another for the bell, I just don't think having two piezos in one cymbal will work without having serious crosstalks. Which can't be rectified with the module since the bell is a rim zone. Rim gain barely seems like a solution since the isolation is just too poor.

    Sorry for making this long

    Thanks in advance

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    Just some food for thought Kev, but have you considered buying some JMan kits? They look the part and they are highly recommended by many here.
    Shoot JMan a PM and ask him


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      I was just thinking about it I might buy his kit considering I can find a site where I can buy cheap cymbals..


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        Originally posted by kevincool87 View Post
        I was just thinking about it I might buy his kit considering I can find a site where I can buy cheap cymbals..
        Where are you getting your cheap cymbals from? I have some plans for a couple of cheap cymbals but it does not involve using them as cymbals.


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          Are you getting them from the site in THIS thread?


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            I was thinking http://www.dealsdirect.com.au/c/musi...ruments/drums/ but they don't have china's.. I'm trying to buy matching cymbals. I don't know much aboubt a-cymbals so I don't know which brand has the cheapest cymbals.. Maybe I should look at practice cymbals... I'm looking for seriously cheap cymbals that go around $30-50


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              Odd but I found an 8" splash cymbal in that site : http://www.dealsdirect.com.au/p/8-splash-cymbal/

              Maye I'll find a china cymbal hidden somewhere ?


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                Kevin....it's a crap shoot. Some have peeled and some have not. The newest one, my china, I bought about a year ago I think it was, and it has not peeled. That being said, I still can't recommend that you do it. I still have mine, but don't two of my crashes look lovely with the double-sided tape holding the backing on? And dontcha know that screwed up the muting on one of them. I will be replacing them with Hart metals down the line. I took a chance; I lost. Don't do it.

                I suppose you are not considering the Hart metals because they are single zone? That is true of the crashes and china, but the hats and rides are dual zone. The ride, in particular, is brilliant.
                Hawk snare, toms, and bass; Hart ECII crashes & ride; VH-10 Hihat; Iron Cobra double-bass.
                "I never play the same thing twice...sometimes because I simply can't remember it." - John Paul Jones


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                  Just curious Kev, have you considered Pintech's Visulites? Much less expensive than Roland and much better customer service. I've been pretty pleased with mine.
                  Stick twirling - because you obviously have mastered all other aspects of drumming already, right?


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                    I require a 3 zone ride.. So ultimately I'm left with ither Roland, ST or DIY. If only I could find a store that has uber cheap cymbals/splashes/chinas, then I might head for DIY.


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                      All the Pintech stores in the states don't ship internationally... And there is a Pintech distributer here in Australia but the price isn't that much of a difference to Roland... don't know why, but last I checked it was more than twice US' prices..

                      Maybe hopedrums could hook me up a deal and send it here.. I'll ask him about this.


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                        yeah, check and see if Brian can help you out...plus you know I'll help if I can!

                        They have a 3 zone ride too.
                        Stick twirling - because you obviously have mastered all other aspects of drumming already, right?


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                          Kev, have you considered building a Raper circuit? Seems like it'd be much cheaper and less hastle to me.


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                            Oh, and what about Kit Toys? I know it sounds like the guy's been off/on as far as being able to manufacture stuff, but I had the impression from a couple reviews here that they're pretty solid & dependable...though I can't remember if they're more/less expensive than other options.
                            Stick twirling - because you obviously have mastered all other aspects of drumming already, right?


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                              They are pretty much the cheapest e-cymbals out there, but I'd prefer real metal cymbals..

                              ige87, I would but the bed liner makes it difficult to do that. I'd have to peel it off, and ti'll leave messy residue and possibly damage the cymbal because I'll have to use a metal paint scraper. Doing it by hand will take too long..